A Study of the Sport History to meet with the Age of Turning Point
  ―The controversial Problems and the Way of Approach to them―

 Yuzo KISHINO (Professor emeritas of the International Budo University
      and Honorary professor of the University of Tsukuba)


  The intension of this paper on sport history is to confirm its fundamental problems re-
lated with them and is to investigate to the way of approaching of them since the 19th cen-
tury. As you know, some exellent historians of sport, not only Europian-but also Japanese
scholars, discribed our day by the name of the age of "great turning point". Accordingly,
it is natural and proper that this paper was given the main title as "A study on the sport
history, in the comming age of great turngin point".
  This paper is devided into following 7 chapters from the grobal standpoint. I .chapter is
dealt with as the title of "The problem about the reexaminining of sport history". The defi-
nition of the concept of sport and the meaning of sport history are considerd and
comfirmed as a preface to the following chapters. II .chapter is witten as the title of "The
interest in Asian culture among Europian sport historians", and such a viewpoint has been
apeared gradually all over the world.
  V.chapter is dealt with as the title of "Confirming of the meaning and its limitation of
modernity". The intention of this chapter is to be recognized by the term of modern and
modernity as the age which the industrial civilization and national state has been developed
by. Becouse such a way of thinking had been influenced upon Asian and other world, Japa-
nese also believed unconsiouslly that Europianization and Moderization was one and same.
  After world war n, only a few scholars has took notice above mentioned problem as a
quetionable one, becouse there were clear difference between europianization and moderni-
zation. It also related with recomfirming of the historical limitation, so that the title of
IV.chapter schould be elected "The problem of Europia and non-Europia". Two points
should be mentioned here. 1st. point is to recognize qualitatively the difference between
two, and II nd. point is to inprove traditional one in sport history.
  After the middle of 20th century this traditional viewpoint were criticised by the far-
sighted scholars. Racical and religious segrigations were a case in point. This is dealt with
as a title of "The appearance of the new world image, and the problem of bias and
segregation". And then, as the last chapter, VI is dielt with as the title of "Questionable
problem of the chronological table and the historical reflection of it".
  In conclusion, it is cleare that all things are changing qualitatively to the comming age,
and splended ideas of sport historian will be come out from such a conscious attitude.