A study of approved <Sport Law of The People's Republic of China>
       from a historical and social point of view



  The purpose of this study is to analyze the social background, historical process with
regard to the approved <Sport Law of The People's Republic of China>, and it's fun-
damental contents.
  The results were summarized as follows:
  1. It has been taken a new turn from the rule of virtue to the rule of law, and rush-
  ing into the times of [reorganization and opening] since 1978 in China, which were of-
  fered a social environment for the preparation of the sport legal system.
  2. It was outstripped to put the sport Laval system in good condition compared with
  other spheres in China, and there are most of change in sport in company with social
  metamorphosis recently. So that it is demanded which enacts <Sport Law of The Peo-
  ple's Republic of China>.
  3. <Sport Law of The People's Republic of China> was brought up firstly in 1980,
  decided by The National Assembly of China in 1995, through 25 times' serious modifi-
  4. Mass Sport is looked upon as important, the encourage of which is focused by
  <CSport Law of The People's Republic of China^>. Furthermore, it is enacted legally to
  develop in harmony between the Championship Sport and Mass Sport.
  <CSport Law of The People's Republic of China> is basic law of sport, verifying the
  sport policy up to the present, and offering the developing way of sport in future. It
  will be expected to equip the each field related to sport in China fully with legal sys-
  tem base on this law.