A study on the Women's Tennis Matches sponsored by the Dong-A-Ilbo
       in Korea under Japanese Rule,1923-1939
    - The Details of their Formation and the Role of media -

      Youngho NAMGUNG (University of Tsukuba)


  This study intends to examine the formative process and details of the women's ten-
nis matches sponsored by the Dong-A-Ilbo in Korea under Japanese rules, and to con-
sider their historical significance to Korean women's sports, by means of the analysis
and investigation of newspapers, magazines,and radio -broadcasts of those days.
1) The aims of the matches were a) to encourage Korean women to play sports, b)
 to improve their health, and c) to spread sports into the Korean women.
2) Korean girl students who played tennis with Japanese high level players improved
 their skill. They turned their traditional wears to sporty uniforms with influence of
 the Japanese players.
3) By the information of radio and magazines, women's sports had become more
 popular .