A Historical Study on the Number of Team Members in Modern Sport

         Kazuyoshi KUWAHARA (Niimi College)


  In this paper, I conclude that the basic number of team members in team sport is 8.1 draw
the number 8 marked in traditions and ceremonies in England and connected to farming,
land area in the Middle Ages from various kinds of literature. Then I consider the time when
the number of team members in modern sport was established, especially when it was 8, and
point out that the time coincides with the revival of contemporary ceremonies and traditions
in England. By using the historical overview on the Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) Mentalite
<Mentality>, I present a hypothesis that the number 8, the basic number of team members
in team sport was the number originated from the Anglo -Saxon (Germanic) Mentalite of
  The Anglo-Saxons who started most modern sport have unconsciously kept the sign of 8
as the symbol of the power since the Middle Ages. In the process of modernization of sport,
the number of team members in team sport turned to change, based on the basic number 8,
the Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) Mentalite of power. In my hypothesis the number is constant
  It seems that this number 8, the Mentalite of power is adopted prevalently and has influ-
enced on various modern sport.