The Study on the Modification of Sport Policy and System in China
  - Coming round the "Decision on the Reform of the Sport System" (1986) -

        Xiaocong LU (Nippon Sport Science University)


  It is the study to tracked and analyzed the modification process of China sport policy and
system historically, coming round "Decision" (1986). Therefore, it will be possible to arrange
the fact like the following as main study results.
1. "Decision" (1986) was triggered for social reform motion, simultaneously, it is based on an
immanent demand of the sport development in China.
2. In "decision" (1986), it is recognized that the sport system in a past was conservative with
the efficiency deterioration, so that the reform for it is necessary for the sake of the recon-
struction of sport system of China.
3. It was made to be a purpose of the reform that improve the system for which become
China as a strong country of sport.
4. In "decision" (1986), socialization and science of the sport activity were taken in as impor-
tant measures of the reform, then, the central region of the reform was set with manage-
ment system, game training system and competition system of the sport.
5. Therefore, it was brought about the development of the sport in China to the society, and
the Olympic Game strategy was established, besides the sport industrial policy did be started
through the execution of "decision" (1986).