A historical study of the early period of "KEIRIN"
          ― Focusing on the riots―

              YAMADA Takashi


  The purpose of this study is to contribute to clearing up the confusion about early period
of KEIRIN, betting on bicycle races, in Japan (1948^―53). In this study, I studied the causes
at the stadium riots and the social background in Japan during the early period of KEIRIN.
The paper is organized in the following way. First, Several studies have been made for riots
in KEIRIN stadiums. I examined the riots more closely. Second, I explained how "Bicycle
Racing Law" which Law is the leg to foundation for KEIRIN was enacted. Third, I explained
how KEIRN was managed at the time by local Japanese governments. Fourth, I described
why the cyclist, the promoter and the audience were related to KEIRIN.
  The main results of this research are four points of the following.
  1 I found out some causes except for the explanation until now. For example, a problem
   about a tipster by the promoters was founded.
  2 Before enacted the "Bicycle Racing Law" which Law is the leg to foundation for
   KEIRIN, there was no debate in the Diet about essential matters such as how to man-
   age the enterprise. Because the period until KEIRIN was founded was short and it
   began with the purpose of making up for lack the annual revenue of local Japanese
   government in the income of KEIRIN.
  3 The local Japanese governments began KEIRIN without careful preparation.
  4 The groups (cyclists, spectators, and promoters) were at odds. The audience had the
   purpose of the KEIRIN of the living costs working and the suppressed frustrated can-
   cellation. Most of cyclists were thinking of the cyclists as the unused occupation.. The
   promoters had the purpose of the KEIRIN of the finance complementing.