The present situation and the future problem on the study of sport history

              Yuzo KISHINO (International Budo University)


   It was during the 1970's that the societies of sport history were organized and the journarls of
sport history were issued in Japan as well as in Europe and America. Since the 1980's the study of
sport history has been brought about a vigorous new stage that no one ever made an estimate.
   All such results, books and articles, were shown splendidly in many branches of sport history. In
this paper dealing with the present state and future task in the study of sport history, the auther
would like to point out following main problems within the limits of Europian and American
accademic world.
   The first point is the problem of "when"and "why" the works titled sport history published in
France, Germany and America before the World War II. The 2nd point is the problem of the special
feature and tendency of the journals of sport history which were first published since the World War
II. The 3rd point is the problem of the reason why sport historian recently interested so strongly in the
study of social history of sport.
   Brief answer and suggestion would be given to each problem from the macrocosmic view-point.