Study of Modernization of Taijiquan in China
    - Issues mainly about Taijiquan turned into a Sport and Popularized -

                    ZILI LI

         (Graduate School of Nippon Sport Science University)


  Taijiquan is one of key elements in Chinese traditional cultures. People in China wish
Taijiquan to be globalized and accepted world wide. So, today the country is making con-
stant efforts to have Taijiquan included among Beijing Olympic Games. However, many
difficult issues stand in its way. Birth of 24 Simplified From Taijiquan allows a lot of peo-
ple to enjoy Taijiquan and the benefits of it are immeasurable. With this as a turning
point, several Wushu competition forms were created, and the number of partitions in-
creased rapidly. Meanwhile, traditional forms are losing their natural quality. Taijiquan
also is in the wave of modernization.
  The purpose of this study is to explain the modernization of Taijiquan in China and the
influence of the trend.