A historical study of '1892 The New York Horse Show'

             Eiji OZAWA (Nara University of Education)


 In the end of the 19th century America, many sports were made to be a show. And the horse show,
which had been held in the cities of America since 1880s, was one of them. The purpose of this study
is to clarify the circumstances which surrounded the horse show, the actual condition of it, the
structure of the relation between the show and the spectators, and how the commercialism had a
influence on the show. And then I took up 'The New York Horse Show' which was held at Madison
Square Garden in 1892.
 Especialy a number of spectators who belonged to upper and middle-class gathered round the horse
show which was surrounded by the great interest in horse. The show had a complicated structure
between the show and the spectators, or the spectators each other. The show lost its practical
function which could improve breed, because the people who visited the show preferred a gorgeous
horses to a useful ones. In this way the horse show was the show event which was controlled by the
commercialism as well as other spectator sports.