The process to the revival of bullfighting show in Ehime Prefecture
               ―A historical study―

           Hirokazu ISHII (Ehirne University)


  The purpose of this paper is to clarify the process to the revival of bull-
fighting show from prohibition during 1919-1928 in Ehime Prefecture.
  Bullfighting show was prohibited in 1919 by a prefectural ordinance in
Ehime Prefecture. But still the people wouldn't stop it. Against this resistance
the prefectural authorities established strict regulations in 1921. They intended
to prohibit bullfighting show completely in the not too distant future. The people
opposed to their intention, and then undertook the campaign for the revival of it
together with several members of the prefectural assembly. The prefectural
authorities wouldn't change their principle at the biginning of the campaign, but
eventually they were forced to change their attitudes facing the swell of the
campaign. Some members of prefectural assembly, who had raised the objection
to bullfighting show, began taking part in the campaign actively, and the police
relaxed enforcement of laws.
  The bullfighting show already the crucial problem of the prefectural
government's more than only the amusement in a farm area. As the result of the
campaign, Kichiziro Seike, for example, who had raised the objecion to bull-
fighting show defeated in the 16th general election of the House of Representa-
tives in 1928.
  Finally, the prefectural authorities were compelled to permit the show in
January 1929, not stemming the tide of public opinion.